Thickened foods, drinks and thickeners for people with swallowing difficulties.  Nutritionally complete meal replacements, high protein and calorific foods and supplements.  Enteral foods and feeding equipment. 

Enteral Feeding Equipment and Accessories

Pumps, containers, sets and accessories including ENFit connectors

Enteral Feeds

A variety of flavours and sizes to suit

Feeding Tubes

 Range of feeding, gastrostomy & other tubes

Nutritional Supplements

Full meal replacements, powdered drinks and tablet form for when normal dietary intake requires support or sole source of nutrition

Paediatric Nutrition

Specialised foods and drinks for children

Thickened Foods and Beverages

Pre-thickened food and drink to assist people with swallowing difficulties. Includes water, juice and dairy products


Liquid and powder thickeners for use at home