Releen Silicone Cath 10ml 40cm M FG16

Releen Silicone Cath 10ml 40cm M FG16

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The 100% Silicone Releen InLine Foley catheters have an integrated minimising potential ridging. Releen InLine is therefore suitable for both urethral and suprapubic use. The short tip of the Releen InLine catheters is gentle to the bladder. The short distance between the balloon and the eyelets ensures minimal residual urine in the bladder.

Additional product information

Type Indwelling
Length Adult 35-50cm
Size FG16
Material Silicone
RAP Code AD05 Catheters - In-Dwelling (e.g. Foley)
Balloon Size 10mL
Notice We recommend consulting with a medical professional prior to the purchase or use of this product. Catheter images are indicative only - actual colour is dependent on gauge (size) of catheter.
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