Exufiber 5x5cm Bx10

Exufiber 5x5cm Bx10

Product no.: 601275 Manufacturer product no.: 709900
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Transfers efficiently. Removes cleanly.

  • Exufiber is a soft and conformable non-woven polyvinyl alcohol fibre dressing that transforms into a gel upon contact with exudate.
  • The tightly packed fibres keep exudate locked in, while the capillary action enables transfer of exudate to the secondary dressing.
  • Exufiber promotes autolytic debridement and removes in one piece, therefore supporting a clean wound bed.
  • Absorbs and locks in exudate, even under compression, resulting in reduced risk of leakage and maceration.
  • Can be left in place confidently for up to seven days to support undisturbed wound healing.

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