ArmRX Individual Arm Glove Std

ArmRX Individual Arm Glove Std

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Shower and Bath protection from unwanted exposure to water.  ArmRx's exclusive double band seal point application provides the ultimate backup security for maximum water tight protection in any environment.  Replaces cumbersome, makeshift covers such as garbage bag, plastic wrap and tape currently used by patients in an attempt to shield a wound site from water.

  • proven confident & reliable protection from water and/or moisture penetration
  • enables & improves personal hygiene increasing the patient's sense of wellbeing
  • facilitate personal independence and preserves the privacy of personal care
  • reduces expense & inconvenience of replacing damaged dressings or casts
  • allows normal non-restricted limb mobility during use
  • convenient, easy to use, light and non-bulky
  • Environmentally friendly - ArmRx can be recycled or disposed of with normal waste

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