Biatain Silicone Adh Foam Dressing 12.5x12.5cm

Biatain Silicone Adh Foam Dressing 12.5x12.5cm

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Coloplast is proud to present Biatain Silicone - a new silicone dressing that combines the best of foam with the best of silicone. Unlike conventional silicone dressings, Biatain Silicone has silicone only where you need it - on the border - leaving the foam 100% free to absorb and heal. Biatain Silicone's unique 3-part opening allows you to open and apply the dressing to a wound without your fingers or latex gloves ever coming into contact with the dressing or the wound. This greatly minimizes the risk of infection and avoids the waste of dressings. Thanks to the superior absorbency of Biatain foam, Biatain Silicone only has two layers, making it extremely flexible. Greater flexibility gives a far better fit - even in awkward places such as ankles, elbows and knees.

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