JOBST Farrow Wrap Lite 30-40mmHg Foot Regular Lge Tan

JOBST Farrow Wrap Lite 30-40mmHg Foot Regular Lge Tan

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An adjustable short-stretch compression wrap solution

The JOBST Farrow Wrap is adjustable short-stretch compression wrap system designed for treating patients with lymphatic and venous conditions.  JOBST Farrow Wrap simulates short stretch bandaging, providing graduated compression.  Designed for the treatment of SWELLING and ULCERATION of the limb, including chronic oedema and chroinic venous insufficiency.  It is a practical alternative to bandaging.

JOBST Farrow Wrap is composed of smart, elastic, short-stretch bands.  These adjustable bands allow it to support and adapt to limb reduction, especially beneficial for those patients with fluctuating oedema, rebound oedema, donning and doffing problems or for patients who have limited access to professional bandaing.  Patients can self-manage and adjust the wrap compression system, promoting independence and empowering patients to be more involved with their care.

JOBST Farrow Wrap compression system consists of a liner and an outerwear piece, available for the upper and lower limb.  It is available in three material types/compression levels and a wide range of ready-to-wear sizes.

The JOBST Farrow Wrap Lite Footpiece provides compression for mild to moderate edema.  It may be a safer choice for patients who have neuropathy or Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) and may be a better fabric choice for paediatric patients.

  • Conforms to limb geometry
  • Easy maintenance - machine wash and dry (no heat)
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