Reynard Health Shampoo Cap

Reynard Health Shampoo Cap

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Rinse-free shampoo cap in a disposable cap. Shampoos, conditions and rinses in one go, no need for water or rinsing. The waterless disposable nature of the product makes them perforect for high care dementia patients, intensive care or when camping or travelling. Warm in a microwave oven for 20 seconds and gently massage into the scalp to release the impregnated gentle conditioning shampoo designed to release when gently massaged. Used solution is absorbed back into the cap along with any dirt, EEG gel, debris or even blood. Convenient and Quick to Use - pre-impregnated with a gentle conditioning shampoo that simplifies the hair washing process. The hair does not need rinsing or towel-drying and is now clean and ready for styling. Reduce health and safety risks - removes the need for lifting or moving. Eliminates bowls of water around electrical equipment which reduces the risk of slipping on wet floors. As a single-use item, it also minimises cross-contamination risks. Make hair fresh and clean - designed to release the conditioning shampoo when gently massaged. It then absorbs the used solution back into the cap, along with any dirt, EEG gel, debris or even blood, leaving hair 'towel dry? and smelling fresh. Kind to skin and hair - massage has therapeutic benefits. Coupling the massaging action with the gentle conditioning shampoo, gives a far nicer alternative to the traditional procedures of hair washing. The rinse free Shampoo Cap is ideal for cleansing when washing facilities are not easily available. They are widely used for camping, boating, fishing, outings, sports and numerous other activities.

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