BrightSky are your one-stop-shop for continence care including urological drainage, absorbent products, bowel care and all the accessories to make your day easier

Assistive Clothing

Adaptive clothing for people with limited mobility

Bed and Chair Protection

Washable and disposable furniture protectors in a range of sizes and colours

Bowel Care

Fibres, laxatives, enemas and bowel rinses


A wide range of indewelling and intermittent catheters with a variety of tips, collection bags and coatings

Condom Drainage

Condom drainage, sheaths or extranal cathters for males with urinary incontinence

Disposable Pads

From light bladder leakage through to high absorbancy products.  Pads, pull-ups and all-in-one syles from paediatric to bariatric sizes.  Includes nappies

Drain and Leg Bags

Wearable leg bags and high capcity drain bags for use with catheters or condom drainage


Lubrication for catheterisation, bowel routines and personal use

Urinals and Bed Pans

Male, Female and disposable urinals

Washable Briefs

Underwear with discreet additional absorbent materials for everyday wear. Styles for children, men and women