BrightSky are your one-stop-shop for continence care including urological drainage, absorbent products, bowel care and all the accessories to make your day easier

Wound Care

All types of dressings, bandages and products to promote wound healing and aid in prevention of pressure injuries. Many available singly as well as in carton quantities

Skin Care

Good skin care is an important part of continence care, prevention of pressure wounds and skin tears.  BrightSky offer cleansers, protective creams, lotions, disinfectants and sanitizers for normal and sensitive skin

Compression Therapy

Compression banages, socks and stocking that can promote circulation and assist with prevention of embolysm and deep vein thrombosis


Protect yourself and others with gloves, face masks, disinfectant and hand sanitisers


Thickened foods, drinks and thickeners for people with swallowing difficulties.  Nutritionally complete meal replacements, high protein and calorific foods and supplements.  Enteral foods and feeding equipment. 

Ostomy Consumables

A growing range of ostomy consumables such as pouches and dressings.  Phone or email BrightSky to discuss your requirements


Consumable items for tracheostomy, nebulisers and suction devices


Blood Pressure, Needles, syringes, sharps disposal and blood sampling, Oral Care, Rapid Antigen Testing


Diabetes consumables ranging from Insulin syringes, needles, lancets, Glucometer accessories strips, cassettes, Diabetes travel packs.


Mobility and Equipment offers wide range of products ranging from cushion ,mattresses, footwear, wheelchair accessories, assistive clothing, slide sheets and many other products