Wound Care

Wound Care

All types of dressings, bandages and products to promote wound healing and aid in prevention of pressure injuries. Many available singly as well as in carton quantities

Wound Care Dressings

Wide range of leading brand dressings covering but not limited to absorbent, antimicrobial, impregnated, film, foam, silicone, scar management and non-adherent dressings


Range of Tubular, Retention, Crepe and Gauze bandages

Cleansers and Debridement

Products for cleaning, debriding and preparing wound surfaces

Gels, Creams and Solutions

Antibacterial products and those for burn, itch and eczema relief

Limb Protection

Aids for treatment of pressure injuries including heel supports, protection & water resistant equipment

Tapes and Strips

Surgical and fixation tapes for dressings, catheters, tubing and splints