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instant THICK Liquid Sachets Level 3, 15g Ctn80

instant THICK Liquid Sachets Level 3, 15g Ctn80

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Thicken Fluids with Confidence!

Instant THICK Liquid has been specifically formulated to thicken fluids and help people with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). Made with premium quality Xanthan gum, instant THICK Liquid dissolves clear, is taste & odour free, and remains stable for 24 hours.

Key Features

  • One Sachet Per Serve
  • Dissolves clear
  • Taste-free to improve hydration
  • Gluten, nut & dairy free
  • Stable for 24 hours

Available as single serve sachets for accuracy, easy thickening and infection control. Quick, safe and easy-to-use, thicken fluids with confidence to:

  • IDDSI Level 1 – Slightly Thick
  • IDDSI Level 2 – Mildly Thick
  • IDDSI Level 3 – Moderately Thick

Simply add ONE instant THICK Liquid sachet to water, juice, cordial, soda, hot drinks, alcohol or medical solutions to thicken fluids in minutes.  Instant THICK Liquid is fat free and made with no artificial colours & flavours.

Thicken fluids anywhere, anytime!


Mixing Method

  1. Measure fluid volume as per dosage guide
  2. Add contents of one sachet
  3. Stir until desired thickness is reached

Dosage Guide


Fluid Volume


Level 1 - Slightly Thick



Level 2 – Mildly Thick



Level 3 – Moderately Thick



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