Enprocal 900gm Ea

Enprocal 900gm Ea

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Enprocal is a formulated supplementary food, which may be used to address situations where nutrition and energy intake are inadequate to meet individual requirements.


  • Formulated with Whey Protein Concentrate rich in Branch Chain amino acides (BCCA's) to aid in building and maintaining lean muscle mass
  • As a good source of calcium, Enprocal can assist with maintaining bone density
  • Neutral flavour enables the use of Enprocal with all of your favourite foods and beverages without impacting flavour
  • Gluten free


  • Energy: 7% DI energy in each 35g serve(1 scoop), predominantly from protein
  • Protein: Each 35g serve(1 scoop) contains 30% DI of protein, predominantly from high quality easily digestible whey protein
  • Calcium: Each 35g serve(1 scoop) contains 49% RDI for calcium
  • Contains inulin as a source of dietary fibre.  nulin is a prebiotic that enhances production of the gut-friendly bacteria, Bifi dobacterium longum

Mixing Directions:

  • Whisk, blend or shake 35g(1 scoop) with 200ml of water, milk or juice
  • Recipes for Enprocal with fruit juice, ice cream, yogurt and baked foods such as scones or cookies, are available here 


  • Contains Milk and Soy
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