Microdacyn Hydrogel 60g Pump Spray Ea

Microdacyn Hydrogel 60g Pump Spray Ea

Product no.: 991470 Manufacturer product no.: MDHG60
$15.95 / EACH

For the treatment of Chronic Wounds (including pressure, diabetic, venous) and acute wounds including burns.
Microdacyn acts to:

  • Control and prevent infection, including biofilm and bacterial spores, superbugs (incl MRSA) & viruses
  • Control inflammation
  • Reduce wound odor
  • Improve blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to the wound.

Together these actions significantly improve the time it takes to heal a chronic wound.
Microdacyn Hydrogel has the additional features of providing moisture control for the wound and facilitating autolytic debridement.

Microdacyn Hydrogel is pH neutral, is free of irritation and free of toxicity.
Microdacyn Hydrogel can be used with other wound dressings.


Only available in the 60ml spray

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