Hos-Gon Fes Odor Control Non Toxic 5Ltr

Hos-Gon Fes Odor Control Non Toxic 5Ltr

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Designed for use in Nursing Homes and Residential Care.  A deodoriser with a light perfume which leaves a fresh smell in place of lingering mal-odours.

  • General Use - spray into the air to deodorise mal-odours, not just mask them
  • Waterproofs, Vinyl chairs, Carpets, Kylies - spray onto the affect area and wipe off with a clean cloth
  • Commodes, Wheelchairs, Cushions, Toilets - spray under and around
  • Bed Pans - spray as soon as removed from the patient.  spray inside the pan and again after being washed
  • Soiled Linen Bags - spray in and around and bags as they are filled and again before they are closed
  • Vomit, Urine and Faeces - spray before wiping
  • Drying Cabinet - spray into the drying cabinet approximately 6 minutes prior to the end of the cycle
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