Kenkay Sorbolene 10% Glycerol 500ml Pump

Kenkay Sorbolene 10% Glycerol 500ml Pump

Product no.: 994775 Manufacturer product no.: 1383048
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Kenkay Sorbolene is a highly effective moisturiser made from natural palm based glycerin, purified water, non-ionic emulsifiers and skin protecting oils. It is the best, simple moisturiser and because it has gentle, non-drying and cleansing properties, versatile Kenkay Sorbolene can also be used as a soap replacement for those with skin sensitive to soap. - Good soap replacement for sensitive skin - Ideal for those skin types unable to tolerate Glycerin - Preferred ointment base in the preparation of active creams (A.P.F. formulation) - For dry, cracked or peeling skin

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