Actreen Glys Set Nelaton 25cm F FG8

Actreen Glys Set Nelaton 25cm F FG8

Product no.: 999605 Manufacturer product no.: 226308AU
$4.44 / EACH

Pre-lubricated with glycerin, so therefore no need to add water Easy to open at the pre-ct notch Straight forward use, no training require Available in both male (50cm) and female (25cm) size No touch system - minimise the risk of infectio Smooth highly polished ey Non return valv Easy emptying of the bag using the tear off corer Comes in Box of 30

Additional product information

Type Intermittent
Length Adult 8-26cm
Size FG8
Material Advanced Plastics
RAP Code AD11 Catheters - Intermittent (e.g. Nelaton)
Notice We recommend consulting with a medical professional prior to the purchase or use of this product. Catheter images are indicative only - actual colour is dependent on gauge (size) of catheter.
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